Did You Know?

Niwa Design Studio, Ltd.

Specializing  in “but not limited to” Japanese Gardens

Since 1998, when founded, Niwa has been providing highly creative design solutions with “out of the box” ideas for clients who are interested in exploring the potential of their properties.


The creative process of our work continues during the implementation of the design through quality construction practices.  Niwa often hand selects specimen stones, plants, lumber and other materials that vary from one to the other.  Once selected the materials are installed with care in a craftsman like manner.  Clients implement their landscape project in one, or multiple phases.

Once construction is completed Niwa offers maintenance services and often cares for the site.


Latest News

  • Japanese Foo Dog Set

    Japanese Foo Dog Set , GA2060 Size:  H39″ x W 19″ x D 35″ (ea.) Material: Granite Weight: 2,200 lbs ( Estimated) Price: $4,532.00 Japanese Foo Dogs are also known...
  • Copper Betta Fish Fountain

      Copper Betta Fish Fountain, CGF2010 Size: 51″ H x 29″ W x 13″ D Material: Copper Weight: 50 lbs ( Estimated) Price: $3,900.00 In Stock: 1     This copper...
  • Polish Pebbles Assorted

    Polished Pebbles Assorted, A5030 Size: 1.5 – 2″ Dia. Material: Marble Weight: 50 lbs ( bags) Price: $40 In Stock: 30 Bags These polished stones are often used along with our...
  • Polished Pebbles Black

    Polished Pebbles Black, A5010 Size: 1.5-2″ Dia. Material: Black Marble Weight: 50 lbs Price: $40.00 In stock: 30 These polished stones are often used along with our fountain features.  They are...
  • Landscape Maintenance – Care for your your investment

    Future Article...